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Written by Guillermo Reyes
Performance dates May 12-21, 2023
at The Warwick Theatre.
Nine performances are planned.

Daniel Hernandez Jr. didn’t plan to be a hero, but his quiet actions—and Congresswoman Gabby Giffords—thrust him into the national spotlight. The media circus transforms Daniel into a reluctant hero, opening his private life to public scrutiny. This is the true story of an unexpected LGBTQ hero who is thrown unintentionally into the limelight, and, in flashbacks, depicts what led to THAT DAY IN TUCSON in which everything changed for Daniel and for the national political
landscape. The play features elements of growing up in a bicultural, bilingual Latino family and Daniel’s discovery of his commitment to public life. There’s also humor and compassion as the play depicts Daniel’s real-life friendship with Gabby Giffords, which survives to this day.

* Please note, this play consists of a non-linear storytelling in the tradition of Gross Indecency or The Laramie Project.

Everyone, except for the actor playing Daniel Hernandez, plays multiple parts. The following character breakdown are the suggestions from the playwright and previous productions. Our
production will look at these, and also account for the talents and skills of the actors involved. While some characters in the play are identified in gender-specific ways, this will be an inclusively cast show that welcomes all races, ethnicities, gender identification, and orientation to audition and bring their talents to the space.


This is a sample breakdown:

  • ACTOR 1: Daniel Hernandez Jr. Male 20-35.   

  • ACTOR 2: Ensemble, newscaster 1, Kid 2, Hillary Clinton, Gabby Giffords, Mrs. Loughner, Vietnam Veteran. Female 30-50. 

  • ACTOR 3: Ensemble, Jared’s ex-girlfriend, Kelly Paisley, Kid 1, Cathy Monroe, Erin Hertzog, Doctor, Volunteer 1, Soldier. Female 25-45. 

  • ACTOR 4: Ensemble, Jared Lee Loughner (the shooter), Newscaster 2, Ron Barber, Deputy, Online Man 1, Father, Wayne La Pierre, Gun Guy, Walmart Clerk. Male 25-45.

  • ACTOR 5: Ensemble, Police Officer, Online Woman, Mother, Pima College Official, Assistant, Citizen. This actor must speak both English and Spanish. Female 25-45. 

  • ACTOR 6: Ensemble, Mark Kelly, Scott Kelly, Online Man 2, Kid 3, Mr. Loughner, WWII Veteran, BIP Opponent, David Martinez, Volunteer 2. Male 25-45.


We will be holding open auditions this Thursday, March 23, 2023, 6 - 7:15pm, at the Warwick Theatre, 3927 Main Street, KCMO. (There is a parking lot behind the building on Walnut St)

Please contact us to secure your 5-min slot, at 816-569-3226 or, and we will set up a time for you to read for roles between 6pm and 7:15pm. Prepare a 60-second monologue from a modern play. If you’re not certain if there’s a part for you,
please prepare a short video and send us the YouTube link at ASAP!

Callbacks will be scheduled individually.


Rehearsals begin Monday April 10, and will generally run: Mondays through Thursdays between 6:30 -9:30 pm. Saturdays 10am-2pm. Sundays TBA. And Fridays OFF. Tech week begins Saturday May 6. During tech week, expect rehearsals to be longer. Dress rehearsals will be Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, May 9-11, evening.

Performances are:
Fri May 12, 7:30pm
Sat May 13, (2 shows) 1:30 & 7:30pm
Sun May 14, (matinee only) 2:30pm
Thurs May 18, 7:30pm
Fri May 19, 7:30pm
Sun May 21, (matinee only) 2:30pm.


For more information, call 816-569-3226.

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