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The Performing Arts need your support now more than ever...

When you contribute to the historic Warwick/MET, you are doing so much more than helping bring great theatre to the stage.

Your donation/contribution can help...

  • Create Jobs - We employ more than just actors. It takes all types of skills from technical talent to skilled labor to bring theatre to life. Directors, managers, service workers, musicians and many more are needed to make it all happen. Your contributions help put people to work. 

  • Grow Our Economy - When people come to the historic Warwick, they are spending their hard earned entertainment dollars here in Midtown Kansas City. Locals restaurants and other businesses benefit from our success. 

  • Support Underserved Communities - We are an institution of inclusion and our mission is to make theatre and other performing arts available to everyone, regardless of financial means. 

  • Keep Theatre Alive - We are more dependent of the giving of people like yourself more than ever. Grants are fewer in number and award size. Audience sizes are running 50%-60% of what they were pre-pandemic. 

Yes, I want to help support MET's Mission


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Thank you for your donation!

Your gift will impact lives in a positive way. We deeply appreciate you being a part of our extended family and know we could not make it all work without your help. 

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