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Heroes come all forms...

Without heroes, we would never be able to achieve all that we have achieved, or will achieve in the future. It takes a combination of heroic volunteers, donors, performers and staff keep our organization going and more importantly, keep the Arts alive in our community. You can be a hero and play a special role that positively impacts lives.


Here are 5 ways you can make a difference and be our hero:

If you can spare even a couple of hours a month to help advance our operations and the venue, it would be most appreciated and welcomed. Prior to the pandemic, we had many volunteers and really need  volunteers, especially people with administrative and carpentry skills. Click here for more information.

Theatre has a magical way of touching us in ways different than other art forms. It is cemented deep in our DNA. Theatre is storytelling and we have been telling stories since the dawn of our existence. Invite someone who doesn't normally attend theatre and they will thank you for the experience.

We are a 501 C3 non profit organization and the reality is we are here solely because our wonderful contributors make it possible. We graciously would appreciate it if you would considers a monthly gift contribution.

Please consider giving the gift of theatre to members of our communities that otherwise would not be able to participate. As part of our outreach efforts we aim to make a portion of our tickets available to underserved portions of our community... helping to keep the Arts alive and thriving. 

Are you a business leader, community advocate, or have influence in our communities, we would like you to consider being on our board of directors. We are currently looking to expand our board and would love to talk to you. 

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