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Your gift today helps restore the historic Warwick Theatre saving this beloved building and puts MET and Artists back to work as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your help at this critical time! 

The Warwick belongs to all of us. Please give as generously as you can to this fire recovery fund. Together we will restore the lights of the theatre to Main Street and the actors to the stage as quickly as possible.


The Warwick team, and all of our artists, appreciate you so much! Please watch this space for continued updates. 


Thank you so much, dear Friends!


The MET team, Artists, and Board of Directors

Help The Warwick Recover
Leave a one-time donation

Thank you for helping us get back to great theatre!

Suggested donation levels:

  • $50 - Friend of MET

  • $100 - Patron

  • $250 - Benefactor

  • $500 - Producer

  • $1000 - Silver

  • $2500 - Gold

  • $5000 - Platinum

  • $10,000 - Diamond

In the early morning hours of Feb. 7, the Warwick Theater caught fire. Nine firetrucks responded and fought the blaze for several hours containing the fire primarily to the northeast corner of the building’s interior. Damage in that area is extensive, burning all the way from the basement through the roof. destroying the MET offices, the entire second floor costume area housing the extremely valuable collection of all men’s costumes, hats, shoes—all destroyed. All women’s costumes are damaged by smoke and water.

All building doors and nearly all windows plus main floor restrooms and third floor dressing room, the kitchen and rear lobby area. Air conditioning, electrical, kitchen, and rear lobby have been affected. The fire damaged the public restrooms, destroying the main staircase connecting the basement to the main floor, and reached through the roof to the sky.

Smoke damage continues through the theater and lobby and the loft. The basement has water damage and smoke damage. The fire was stopped before it progressed into the theater performance and Lobby. We rejoice that the beloved theater space is safe!

In addition to structural damage, the theater has sustained damage to operations and will relocate offices, and rehearsal space. New performance space is being sought to keep the season on track and all of our artists employed. Meanwhile, normal bills on the Warwick continue. 

Cleanup and restoration will begin in the coming days and weeks. To add insult to injury, the theater was burglarized on the night of the fire, valuable items were stolen, and all of our tools were taken. In the midst of all of this heartbreak, hundreds of messages are pouring in offering help. We cannot thank you enough. Help is desperately needed.
Please consider making a gift to the MET/WARWICK FIRE RECOVERY FUND to assist the theater in immediate relocation expenses, cleanup, meeting the deductible, and all the unexpected costs heartbreaking fire has caused. To make a tax deductible, gift online please click here. Checks should be mailed to the regular address. In kind and gifts of stock are welcome. MET is an IRS recognized 501-c3 nonprofit. 20–2576174.

We are grateful to our community and our wonderful board of directors helping us work through this hard time. Resilience and creativity are hallmarks of our company. The Warwick is injured, but she is not destroyed. The MET is strong. We will bring her back.

Thank you to our incredibly generous community who are already reaching out asking how to help. There are numerous, numerous ways to assist, and we will reach out to you soon. Right now, the immediate needs are funds to keep the actors employed, move staff into temporary offices to resume operations and to cover unexpected expenses that disasters like this create.

Thank you so very much for your help and support! Thank you, Kansas City and friends around the region and the world. The Warwick is our home, and she belongs to all of us.

Karen Paisley, Artistic Director                                                           Brad Dawdy, Board President

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