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Volunteers & Interns       

As we all resume activities we enjoyed prior to the pandemic, we are all re-learning how to be effective in today's world. The impact Covid-19 has had on the Arts industry is well documented. The most common impact is financial. The fact is we relied on volunteers and interns before the pandemic and now with budgets even more stretched, they are a critical piece of the puzzle. We need both to help us meet our objectives and mission. We kindly ask that you consider suggesting someone you know that would be an asset or volunteer yourself. 

Internships can vary depending on the type. We offer Summer Internships for High School Juniors  and Seniors who want experience in a professional theatre company prior to college. The other type of internship corresponds to a specific role, such as assistant to the artistic director, assistant technical director, young directors and producers and operations personnel. These role-based internships may be paid internships depending on timing and budget. If we can, we will as a practice.


Handy Person and/or People with Carpentry Skills


Event Personnel, Event Preparation Help


Specialists, including Lighting Techs, Sound Techs, Plumbers and Electricians


Social Media Specialists and Influencers

Intern Opportunities...

Assistant to the Artistic Director
Idealistically, this person has aspirations of being a director, producer or one day having their own production company.

Assistant Technical Director - 
This person should be creative, have strong organizational skills and like completing small-medium sized projects. You get to build amazing things and learn all of the behind the scenes aspects of theatre production.

Sound Engineer for Theatre and Live Music
This person should be familiar with basic PA workings, mixing live music and voice, or have a desire to learn these production aspects. 

Top Volunteer Needs...

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