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Ways to Give

We aim to make it easy for supports of the arts to help us touch communities and bring smiles to faces. Here are some ways you can help us make a difference

Our time is often more value than our money. We ask that you consider giving some of your time to help our cause. It can range from volunteering to help with improvements and projects. It could be helping us open doors for corporate sponsorships. As a small, yet growing organization, there is never a shortage of things to do. MORE INFO

Like giving your time, many of you have distinct talents. Specifically, we wish to grow our Board of Directors. Although we hope to find people with a passion for theatre and supporting the Arts in general, we must find a diverse group of sharp minds that can help us solve puzzles and thrive. Business leaders and executives, we need your varied skill sets. Accounting to Engineering to Information Technology to Advertising... we would welcome your contributions. MORE INFO

Last, and certainly not least, your financial contribution goes without saying is critical to our success. Without the financial support of our donors, there is no Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre and Warwick would be dilapidated. We have accomplished much, thanks to the generosity of our patrons and donors. Please consider helping us through an ongoing financial contribution. MORE INFO

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