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Our 19th Season 2023-24

Let Us Unlock the Theatre Lover In You!!!

We are thrilled to welcome back friends and introduce newcomers to great theatre. The new season gives us the opportunity to pledge to you our promise to deliver an outstanding theatre experience and now, even much more.  The historic Warwick Theater welcome all communities to share a moment and draw closer to our humanity in a way only the Arts can offer. The pandemic took a toll on everyone, especially the Arts. We are proud to help get actors, musicians and skilled workers back to the task of presenting you with fantastic quality for your entertainment dollar. Join us for an incredible season. 

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Check out these memories from our journey through  17 previous seasons.*


*one season was lost to the pandemic


Sept 21 - Oct 8

Nov 9 - 19


Jan 11 - 21

TICKET NOW ON SALE!!! Click here.

TICKET NOW ON SALE!!! Click here.

Mar 1 - Mar 10


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