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Our Core Values

We need to have more conversations around Core Values and the important role they serve in any organization. The fact is that we aspire to be a great organization, not just a good organization. In order to make that happen, our culture has to consistent with that of a great organization. 

Great organizations make their core values more than words on a page the were selected as part of a strategic planning process or because someone convinced their leadership they were needed. No, great organizations make their core values a living part of how they do business internally and externally. Core Values are examined in conjunction with making key decisions. Is doing this in congruence with our core values? 

We, like many organizations, have been forever changed by the pandemic. We realize how events can so easily decimate the Arts community. We made sure our theatre community was made aware of funds available to us. After all, competition is great but in times of crisis it is no longer about us versus them. There is only us. We are committed more than ever to excellence. Excellence is born of culture. Our culture will constantly be evaluated to ensure we are living our core values. We believe you will be the benefactor of this organization rallying around these principles and values. 


We will conduct ourselves with great respect to our art form, our community, our colleagues, our customers as we seek to have such respect afforded to us. 


We will bring a zest and passionate effort to ensuring the experience you have is equal to the experience we desire for you to have.


Whether it is theatre or music or poetry or even this website, we desire a powerful experience. Powerful art can change minds and change lives.


You are more than a patron, donor, colleague or guest. You are someone we want to share an experience with. Personal touch, personal communication and personal connection are at the core of what we do.


We will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone is welcome to take in and enjoy the gift that only live theatre can deliver regardless of who you are, where you come from, who you love or what you financial situation is. This is your theatre.

For more on how to implement "living" Core Values, check our Director of Business Development, William Saunders' article on this topic.

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